Adam's PC Emergency
Adam's PC Emergency
Adam's PC Emergency Tel : 0759 498 4349
Adam's PC Emergency                     Tel : 0759 498 4349

Service and cleaning PC

We provide cleaning service of all types of PC.

Most frequently encountered the following problems:

- Unbearably slow running PC
- Freezing PC
- Sudden  restart PC
- Black screen on computer startup
- Loud Sound overheating PC
- After the computer takes a long time before it is ready to workk
 With the computer to perform the following tasks:

  Repair damaged operating system reinstallation
  Optimize PC runs
  Backup, restore, save important data
  Professional Installation Hardware Software
  Reconstruction and modernization of old PC
  PC tuning
  Clean PC
  Spare parts for PC
  Choosing a quality PC to meet your needs
  Forgot your password AM Windows

Service PC at home :

arrive at your designated location where we service PC.
Cleaning PC

Every computer should be like a regular notebook clean - dramatically so that it can prolong life! Dust may be greater for heating components may even cause a short circuit in the PC.

How do I know that it must be kept clean PC:

  PC is noisy (often cooler running at full speed)
  PC has a lower power (load slows down the processor)
  PC turns itself off

Our business hours

Mon-Fri :

09:00  - 17:00 

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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