Adam's PC Emergency
Adam's PC Emergency
Adam's PC Emergency Tel : 0759 498 4349
Adam's PC Emergency                     Tel : 0759 498 4349

Service and cleaning of laptops

We provide service and cleaning of all types of notebooks.

The most commonly encountered the following problems:

- Unbearably slow running PC
- Icing PC
- Sudden spontaneous reboots PC
- Black screen on computer startup
- Loud noise and overheating PC
- After starting the computer takes a long time to be ready to work

With laptops perform the following tasks:

Repairing a damaged operating system reinstallation
Optimize the speed of your laptop
Backup , recovery and rescue your important data
Professional installation of hardware and software
Renovation and modernization of old laptops
virus removal
Cleaning the notebook
Replacement parts laptops
Choosing a quality laptop according to your needs (more)
Forgotten password in Windows

Servis laptop at home :

we come to you and perform on-site service for your laptop.

Cleaning the notebook:

Just as it is necessary to change the oil in your car, so it is necessary to leave the notebook cleaned regularly -. So greatly extend the life of your laptop.
Notebook Coolers clogged with dust over time (fan draws air through the radiator fins and blowing out)

How do I know that my laptop needs cleaning ?

 Notebook is noisier ( often cooler running at full speed )
Notebook has a lower power ( load slows down the processor )
Notebook is off by itself

Our business hours

Mon-Fri :

09:00  - 17:00 

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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