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Adam's PC Emergency                     Tel : 0759 498 4349

Computer Networks

You need to build and set up a home or corporate network? No problem , we provide everything from design to actual implementation.


Home Networking

Connect all your devices to the Internet
we can ensure the transfer and sharing of data within a home network
Selection of high quality and proven components for a reasonable price,do
installation is not needed to pull additional cables !
Arrange your home network against external attacks

Corporate networks:

Prepare you for network design and it's free !
We offer the highest quality of all components
We are able to provide high network throughput without expanding infrastructure
tailored to your individual needs
There is also the highest possible security for your network

Tips from Adam 's team

Network recommend the use of a few manufacturers - ideally all in one
Do not underestimate the security of your network ( wifi without a password , swallowing the password on the router manufacturer

Avoid the cheapest device on the market - you'll save yourself a lot of trouble
Use a good quality brand.

Our business hours

Mon-Fri :

09:00  - 17:00 

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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