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Adam's PC Emergency                     Tel : 0759 498 4349

Virus Removal

PC debugging and laptops

Do you have a virus-infected PC or notebook ? Please contact us , we will help you immediately!

How do you know your PC , notebook or attacked by a virus ?

Unable to connect to the Internet
Slow running PC , notebook
"Fake antivirus" defending install other antivirus
On the Internet site available antivirus programs
Self popup windows with advertisement
The disappearance of files and icons
After logging in, your computer is " blocked"

If you feel that your PC or laptop infected , contact us immediately - we do not recommend removing virus , unless you really know what you are doing . 
On the contrary, you risk even more damage .


Explanation of some terms :

Computer virus - A program that spreads without user's knowledge and usually contains malicious code
Spyware - software that sends data without the user's knowledge
Malware - a program designed to intrusions into the operating system ( or damaged)

On the PC ( laptop ) keep installed only one antivirus
Do not click on Internet and email on suspicious links
Do not click without thinking or the links that will send you known -
he may have infected PC
Regularly update all the software in your PC - especially antivirus, system and
browser - including accessories

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We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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